Hello, world!

There are two of us, Nikita and Anastasia. We want to go around the world driving, swimming, flying, hitch-hiking, etc., in two years.

The main goals of our journey are recording sounds, creating the documentary film, volonturing and exploring hidden corners of the Earth.

Today is the 525th day of our journey.

The way around the world

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Driving on the northern edge of Pennsylvania, along Lake Erie (one of the five Great Lakes), we suddenly saw the banner: “The State of Ohio Welcomes You!”. To avoid having to turn south, we decided that in this state we […]

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In the first part we listened sounds of USA: Harley motorcycle, a true American blues, scary during a tornado, sounds at Quakers and Amishes, a hippie, the National Park Yellowstone. Listen to Hawaii … In the second part, you will […]

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In headphones more enjoyable because it is a 3D-sounds

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In the very south of Australia, if travel further inland, you can still meet the fifty-year old farm house , sometimes they still live people.

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We have been in Laos only two weeks, but it was lovely two weeks. We want come back there again…

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We passed Sumatra from north to south. There were buses and hitchhiking. Met wildlife, camped near an erupting volcano, and climbed to live but still dormant volcano that puffing white clouds. Sumatra we fell in love with not only nature, […]

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In Malaysia, as in Thailand, we spent very little time. Mostly because it already happened more than once in this country. So the plan was visiting several points: a large waterfall, Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, 2012 Nikita […]

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In Thailand, we spent a bit of time, and therefore was able to record sounds a bit. If you want, you can listen to the recording Bangkok in 2012 (sounds of Thailand). And now …

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