Hello, world!

We are a team of two people: Nikita and Anastasia. And we want to go around the world in 500 days driving, swimming, flying, hitch-hiking etc.

The main goals of our journey are recording soundtrips, creating the documentary film and exploring hidden corners of the Earth.

Instagram: #soundaroundme

  • пьем капуччино с мужиками) Мексика такая художественная!:)
  • занырнуть на самую глубину, как в море, чтобы выловить краба и сочных креветок, капнуть лимонного сока и оливког масла на дольку авокадо, обжечься острой сальсой под хруст кукурузной лепешки! это морискас! одно погружение в мексиканскую кухню за 90 песо на двоих:) (7,5 $u.s.)
  • gold of maya!
  • graffity it's like soul of the city today
  • Guadelajara. All is here very simple. Giant and heavy church and cathedrals, small and chaotic houses for life. Гваделахара. Здесь все очень просто. Тяжеленные церкви и соборы, маленькие хаотичные жилые дома.
  • En la calle:)

Map of our journey

- Our plan
- The Real Way
- Soundtrip
- Video-post
- Travel log

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In the very south of Australia, if travel further inland, you can still meet the fifty-year old farm house , sometimes they still live people.

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We have been in Laos only two weeks, but it was lovely two weeks. We want come back there again…

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We passed Sumatra from north to south. There were buses and hitchhiking. Met wildlife, camped near an erupting volcano, and climbed to live but still dormant volcano that puffing white clouds. Sumatra we fell in love with not only nature, [...]

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In Malaysia, as in Thailand, we spent very little time. Mostly because it already happened more than once in this country. So the plan was visiting several points: a large waterfall, Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, 2012 Nikita [...]

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In Thailand, we spent a bit of time, and therefore was able to record sounds a bit. If you want, you can listen to the recording Bangkok in 2012 (sounds of Thailand). And now …

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We were in Cambodia very little time. First struck by the difference even with those countries that we have visited. But gradually we have learned the local language, people are starting to open, joking and even laugh with us. There [...]

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Two weeks we traveled in Vietnam and collected interesting sounds of the country. At first we liked the country is not very. And then, after they became acquainted with the locals, talk to them, is that they eat a lot [...]

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When we arrived to Laos, we knew nothing about this country. But two weeks later, leaving, realized that we would miss the untouched nature, the reserved edges, waterfalls, kind and sympathetic people, delicious food … In this recording you will [...]

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When we arrived in Kunming, it seemed to us that we have a rest from the sounds that just relax for a couple of days on the road. But no such luck!

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In the town of Lijiang we were able to record a lot of interesting sounds. One of them in the competition nobody guessed. And it was garbagecar:) Enjoy!

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We arrived in Xi’an (Xian) in the early morning train from Harbin. The train was economy class, and we went two nights half-sitting, half-lying. Therefore Xi’an seemed to us a good place immediately. There, people are engaged in their own [...]

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First foreign city on our trip was the Harbin. We invite you to dive into the sonic journey of this Chinese city with Russian past. 1. In Harbin, terrible traffic. Here do not like and do not see pedestrians. And [...]

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