Through the stones. Zebra Slot Canyon (Zebra slot Canyon)

The Colorado Plateau is one of the most stunning places on the planet:) It is a kind of geological treasure trove, where not even have highly vrubat′sâ to find something interesting! But for those who like to "fight and search for" there will be a mass of tasks and puzzles of varying difficulty itself. 

Probably many known Antelope Canyon, which is located on the Northern "Board" of the Grand Canyon. This is an amazing, unique place, perhaps the only such a scale where you can see the waves of "the waves", smoothly licked layered landforms, red and yellow shades. So, this miracle is on Navajo lands, and on reservation privileges, they regulate the rate and order of visiting its attractions. Visiting national park with Canyon (literally stuffed with protected objects, UNESCO), proved to be too expensive for us.

Moreover, the price depends on the time of day (i.e. from the lighting in the Canyon), and in the most beautiful light get there very expensive. The walk passes under the strict supervision of a guide because the Canyon is unique, very quickly may be scuttled once there killing 11 tourists, which simply carried unexpected powerful stream. So now-any freedom.

In General … the Antelope we don't hit. But I didn't want to give up, another was known to us not as ambitious, but also quite unique slot (IE plug in rocks), called Zebra Slot Canyon (Zebra slot Canyon).

About Zebra Canyon quite few people knows something even among Americans. The pictures in the books he is known for, and how to get it? All respondents only shrugged. Hope lost, I started whining, to ignite the situation and show that the Canyon we really need to see! Nagging worked and we are not giving in, questioning and questioning people. And here, in the small town of Moab, a guy in one of VELCOM centers suddenly decided to find information for us! Using two additional staff (no:)) he found first paper map of Utah, then shocked that expensive map with approximate location of the Canyon, we are not going to buy, he found a report of a man on a resource and printed us description of passage coordinates!:)


Could not be better! Nameless white track somewhere in the desert, which takes up the South of the extensive Canyon Lands were now not just nameless track! On one of the branches stood label-input on the trail. It should be mentioned that the trail itself and even the icon for the slot we also had-on a particular map layer on the Tablet (United States maps for Osmand-most steep).

Knowing the coordinates exactly, we are no longer afraid that Zebra will run away from us, and drove to bypass, collecting on a thread way precious beads-the wonders of the Colorado Plateau, the road that helped, she twisted and not letting it branched off. And only in the evening of the next day, we headed to the cherished goal. When did the last twist on the Canyon, it was dark. And this turn, suddenly ended with asphalt. The road was raz″ezžennaâ and so is ribbed the speed had to be reset before. To the point remained 10 mile route, night, we podvymotalis′ and has long wanted to sleep. Lag with such speed was hard, we were shaking, as in cart, Civic groaned and rang all of its parts.

And here, Nikita remembered! "I watched one movie-his eyes zablesteli in the dark, where the explosives were being transported by truck to the exact same way! And that the explosives did not explode, it was necessary, that no machines were shaking rather than shake at kaldobinah they can only at a speed of 40 miles per hour! "at the same time, he began to accelerate, not paying attention to my" surprised "face in the semi-darkness and how I frantically seeking for what would hold out. It was like entering the supersonic speed:) At first it seemed that our civic just fall apart, but then, suddenly, the rumble died down and when those 40 miles, we believe that we have left on some coverage! From surprise, began dumping speed and shake again. Nikita immediately pushing the "gas" and we again came to the supersonic. "I told you!"-Victor at, he said:)

Sometimes come across huge boulders or the pit, you had to go slow, shaking, and then accelerate. We were on this music killed the road and almost laughing to tears! In the night, under the stars, two lunatics wanting at any cost to see a Zebra!

"Come!" I warned the fearless pilot. Parking (a bald patch in the grass), fortunately, turned out to be empty. Walked the second hour of the night.


So, Zebra Slot Canyon is one of those canyons that look you want at a certain time of the day. And it is the wee and dawn hours. In General, when the Sun is not high and does not penetrate into the slot. We, of course, woke dawn after our adventure the night and find yourself in the middle of the desert kustistoj UE when the sun began to fry. After breakfast and by screwing in the silencer (which fell off its hinges), moved under the bright rays of the Sun (but still not too high).


The trail, as usual in these places, there is little that Harbinger. But we already knew that, so an ordinary in this country of canyons, starts at times incredibly interesting!




Lo and behold, all the rules, the trail has a cleft, then in a dry riverbed and went for it. Way to slots dimwitted, very soon we found ourselves at the entrance to the not very deep, not very wide, not very sinuous.. but stunningly beautiful plug in rocks. Hello, Zebra!


It turned out that Way is full of water (which is unusual for this time of year). The water was icy, and reach your hips. In some places the walls converge so narrowly that it was impossible to put a foot. At the entrance to the Canyon, I dropped the boots, Nikita dropped a backpack, and light that at raspor, Wade moved into the slot:) 



Crack amazing! To the great chagrin, to pass it all … We stopped deep deep filled with water. What a pity that we have not had the rope with the other. If you go, be sure to take the Bay 50 meters, there it is possible to apply! Therefore, we decided to walk a little further and close the route into the ring, passing through the nearby Tûnel′ log (natural tunnel in the cliffs are essentially slot), and a stroll along quaint rock formations around to find something particularly interesting).







































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